Friday, June 22, 2012

5-28-2012: Upper Makua Cave

I got an opportunity to join Chenay Borja, Josh Serrano, Nate Yuen, Laredo Muredo, Neelesh Fernandes, and Baron Yamamoto on an exclusive hike that reaches for a cave that lies high above Makua Cave.  For those unfamiliar, Makua Cave is the massive cave that lies immediately adjacent to Farrington Highway just north of Makaha on the leeward coast of O`ahu.  It was said that this cave was once at sea level and that a half shark, half human demigod made it his residence.  It was also thought that the cave traversed through the Wai`anae Range and exited on the other side somewhere near the North Shore.  One can enter the massive opening and proceed mauka until the tunnel becomes literally a crawlspace.  The cave is moist and cool, whereas just feet from it's opening is a staggering hot highway.

We looked up and spotted another cave high above and pointed out a steep grassy gully that provides access.  The climb is extremely short, probably 15 minutes or less.  But I have to say that this was by far the hottest short hike I've ever done.  The sun pounded us relentlessly as we huffed and puffed our way up through the thick dry grass and brushes.  After maybe 30 minutes, we reached a point in the climb where we began contouring carefully southward and we reached a smaller cave after rounding a bend.  Beyond was the actual target cave and it was all wow from there.  Sitting from inside the cave looking back out, we easily made out Yokohama Beach and the remaining coastline to Ka`ena Point.  The shape of the cave provided the best natural frame for photos.  We even pointed out that it resembled a movie theatre screen.

We had snacks and waited eagerly for the sunset.  Baron was running late and he just started his climb as soon as we settled in.  At the same time, Nate called it a day and bid his alohas.  Off he went back down.  Shortly after, Baron joined us just in time for the sunset.

After doing this hike, I am more observant of the cliffs surrounding the leeward coast.  This cave is one out of thousands of others that goats use for shelter.  All in all, a neat little hike!  Mahalo for showing me this wonderful place, Chenay!  :-)

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