Thursday, December 13, 2012

10-1-2012: Diamond Head Rim³ (Threepeat)

We've hit the trails around the Diamond Head Crater Rim for a third time and I've personally took the best photos this time around, mainly because I finally got the focus correct.  When it comes to night photography, manual focusing can be pretty frustrating.  When you think you got it focused and it looks great on that little tiny LCD screen, it looks terrible on the computer screen, but I finally got it exactly how I wanted it.  I ended up taking a good friend of mine, Rick Kamakea who was visiting O`ahu for the weekend.  I've documented this route 2 other times (here and here) so a write up won't be necessary.  However, I will mention that there was one thing that was different from the last two hikes.  While all three hikes started from the same starting location, there was some sort of device mounted on the warning sign at the cul-de-sac that was emitting a blinking red light this time.  Upon closer inspection, we realized it was an infrared camera, or so it seems.  There are cheap dummy infrared cameras that can be bought anywhere online so it's a good possibility that DLNR or someone installed a fake camera to deter hikers from going up on this location.  I'm not sure about the other entry points.   Enjoy the photos!

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  1. You are totally right! You definitely got the focus spot on! Thanks for sharing!!!