Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Waiʻanae Mountain Range Section Hike

Well, I have to say that I am a little sad that this entry will be the last one in regards to documenting the Waianae Summit Trail.  But as with everything in life, all good things must come to an end.  I have many mahalos to all sorts of wonderful people whom I met over the years on hiking, from my very first hike up Diamond Head, to hiking and documenting the Koʻolau Mountain Range, the Waiʻanae Mountain Range, and all the hikes in between.  Some have moved on with their lives.  Others I continue to hike with to this present day.  And there are those who arrived late in my journey, but were with me down to the finish line, whether it be on the journey itself, or support from the sidelines.  Regardless, I just want to say "Thanks for helping me along the way.  Thanks for helping guide a Captain and his ship safely."  This wouldn't be possible without my very diverse crew with many different and unique qualities, not just on the trails, but in life as well.  In the end, we all have one thing in common...

Never stop exploring.

Finally, I want to thank all the people who made their journey across the mountain range prior to me, laying down the path for others to follow.  Your many years of hard work and dedication to blazing new trails will forever be carried down generation after generation.

From day 1 that I've took my very first steps on a hiking trail to today, a unique experience allowed me to open up the spiritual side of myself, to reflect deep on my thoughts, to enter a higher dimensional like state to see the world very differently.  My goal now is to take all of this and return it to the ʻāina (land) and to bring my principles with me wherever I go in this world (and one day beyond).

Waiʻanae Summit Trail Section Hike
Kaʻena Point to Makakilo (sorted by date)

11-1-2013: Kaʻena Point to KPSTS (write up) (video)
11-8-2013: Kealia to Mt. Kaʻala Rd. (write up) (video)
11-12-2013: Kealia to KPSTS (write up) (video)
11-22/23-2013: Kaʻala to Three Corners (write up) (video)
12-14-2013: Kaʻala-Kolekole Pass [Kalena] (write up)(video)
1-17-2014: Kaua - Pohakea Pass - Palehua (write up) (video)
1-25-2014: Kaua - Kolekole Pass [Hapapa] (write up) (video)

Aloha Huakaʻi Pilialoha.

For those who can't view the embedded video above can access it by following the link below: