Friday, July 20, 2012

7-2-2012: Diamond Head Rim² (Full Moon)

I've managed to return and hike the Diamond Head rim for a second time, this time being under a full moon and I have to say it one of those "wow" moments.  It was much easier this time around to navigate as the moon provided ample light to see the ridge ahead, making progress swift.  This made it much easier to stay clear of the barb wire that hugs the ridge line prior to topping out at the lookout (if going clockwise along the rim).  The moon light also revealed the rather sketchy profile of the dikes just beyond the pillbox at the lookout.  With lighting came many photo opportunities and we probably spent hours taking photographs of the nightly landscape around us.  Since I've done this hike only weeks prior to this night, I won't post details of the hike on this entry.  But it's definitely a surreal experience.  Too bad it can't be done legally...

I strongly urge against people going up in mass groups.  While I am sure "they" are aware of our presence on the rim, we don't want to lose "access" to this great night excursion on top of an iconic landmark.  Please keep the groups small, keep the trips to a minimal if you can, and use common sense while hiking.  I personally won't be responsible for any injuries and/or arrests made.